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February 07, Sunday 2016 4:26 AM       
       HEADLINES: Several injured in Kozhikode bus accident                                              Karayi Rajan resigns as District Panchayat president                                              DGP rejects VS’ demand to file case against Thampanoor Ravi                                              President Pranab Mukherjee reviews fleet at International Fleet Review                                              No large ISIS footprint in J&K but be on guard: Army Commander                                              Tanzanian woman assault case: Senior police official suspended                                              Over 100 missing, 13 dead as strong quake rattles Taiwan                                              North Korea advances plans to launch rocket                                              Edgar Mitchell, astronaut who walked on Moon, dead at 85                                              RCB's Rs 9.5 crore bid makes Watson million dollar man of IPL                                              India opens medal account; wins gold, silver in cycling                                              Indian archers secure 4 gold, 4 silver medals                                              India win seven medals in swimming, create three record                                              Indians strike three gold in weightlifting                                              Kaumudi Facebook
         Twitter to launch new Facebook-style timeline in 23 countries    
SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter is planning to introduce a new Facebook-style algorithmic timeline in 23 countries, including India, as soon as next week in an attempt to bring the micro-blogging site to more people across the globe.

         NASA spacecraft spots 'floating' hills on Pluto    
WASHINGTON: NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has captured images of frozen nitrogen glaciers on Pluto carrying numerous 'floating' hills that may be fragments of water ice, giving an insight into the dwarf planet's fascinating and abundant geological activity.

         Fortified rice raises risk of hookworm infections    
Eating fortified rice increases the risk of hookworm infections, a study in Cambodian schoolchildren shows, suggesting that the rice’s added nutrients inadvertently help parasites grow.

         South Asia Analysis: Digital age needs analogue base    
South Asia has made rapid strides in information and communication technologies (ICTs) in recent years, but far more needs to be done to bridge the digital divide. Many of the region’s 1.7 billion people still struggle to access modern digital services. National level statistics often mask disparities — for example, between urban and rural areas, and between men and women.

         Google's free high-speed Wi-Fi launched at Mumbai Central Stn    
MUMBAI: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today launched a free high-speed public Wi-Fi service in collaboration with technology giant Google at Mumbai Central here, the first station in the country to get such facility.

         Samsung unveils virtual reality headset, smartwatch in India    
NEW DELHI: Handset market leader Samsung today unveiled its virtual reality headset, Gear VR, in India, priced at Rs 8,200 to cash in on the niche but growing category.

         Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to focus on AI in 2016    
NEW YORK: In 2016, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is even thinking of a simple AI to run his home and workplace like the famous Jarvis character in the Hollywood movie "Iron Man".

         Virtual Reality technology could rule 2016    
LONDON: Following years of hype, 2016 looks to be the year that Virtual Reality (VR) actually becomes real as firms like HTC, Sony and Samsung propose to launch equipment this year to make this possible.

         Climate change is hazardous to health in the Pacific    
CANBERRA: Climate change poses the most significant threat to human health in the small low-lying, densely populated Pacific island nations, which have the least ability to adapt to such risks.

         Philippines licenses dengue vaccine, but usage on hold    
MANILA: The Philippines has become the first country in Asia to license the world’s first vaccine for dengue prevention. But it may take some time before the vaccine will actually be used widely.

         SpaceX succeeds in historic rocket launch, landing    
MIAMI: SpaceX has successfully landed its powerful Falcon 9 rocket in an upright position, a historic first in the company's bid to make rockets as reusable as airplanes.

         Humidity could worsen climate change heat    
SAN FRANCISCO: Hundreds of millions of people in India, the Middle East and South-East Asia could endure dangerous levels of heat stress by the middle of the century due to climate change, researchers say.

         Facebook blocks messages promoting terrorist propaganda    
UNITED NATIONS: Facebook blocks a million messages every week that promote terrorism or radical ideologies, said executive director of UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Jean-Paul Laborde.

         CO2 emissions set for historic fall in 2015: study    
LE BOURGET: Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels, the main driver of man-made climate change, are set to decline this year for the first time in a period of global economic growth, said a study today.

         Biomarker of early lung cancer identified    
TAIPEI: Researchers have identified a biomarker that detects the most common lung cancer in its earliest stage. The scientists believe that the discovery could help increase survival of lung cancer patients

         NASA set to replace Hubble in 3 years    
WASHINGTON: The US space agency has successfully installed the first of 18 flight mirrors onto the James Webb Space Telescope, beginning a critical piece of the observatory's construction to replace the Hubble Space Telescope by 2018.

         NASA to grow flowers in space for first time    
WASHINGTON: Flowers could be blooming on the International Space Station (ISS) after the New Year, thanks to NASA's first flowering crop experiment on the orbiting laboratory.

         NASA finds giant ice cloud on Titan    
WASHINGTON: NASA's Cassini spacecraft has detected a monstrous new cloud of frozen compounds in the low- to mid-stratosphere of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

         New technology detects objects touched by user    
NEW YORK: A new technology can enable smartwatches to automatically recognise what objects users are touching like laptop, riding a motorcycle or creating new opportunities for context-aware apps.

         Mars' moon Phobos is slowly falling apart    
WASHINGTON: The long, shallow grooves lining the surface of Phobos are likely early signs of the structural failure that will ultimately destroy this moon of Mars.

         Pluto may have giant icy volcanoes: NASA    
WASHINGTON: Scientists, using data from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, have discovered what may be giant ice-spewing volcanoes on the surface of Pluto, providing an important new clue to the icy-dwarf planet's geologic and atmospheric evolution.

         Is Facebook in 'secret sister gift exchange' scam?    
NEW YORK: Did you come across the "secret sister gift exchange" on Facebook recently? The message claims you can buy a gift for $10 or more, add your name to a list and then receive a bounty of 36 gifts.

         New component of Milky Way discovered    
LONDON: Astronomers have discovered a previously unknown component of the Milky Way: a disc of young stars buried behind thick dust clouds in the central bulge.

         First insect-size robot that can fly, swim    
WASHINGTON: For the first time, scientists have designed an insect-like robot smaller than a paperclip that can both fly and swim - paving the way for future dual aerial aquatic robotic vehicles.

         'Great Pumpkin' to fly past Earth on Halloween    
WASHINGTON: As earthlings in the US get ready to don Halloween costumes on October 31, asteroid 2015 TB145, dubbed the 'Great Pumpkin' in a reference to the holiday, will fly past the planet at a safe distance, NASA said.

         PCB under pressure to review cricketing ties with India    
KARACHI: Amid increasing pressure on the PCB at home to review it's cricketing ties with India, a senior member of its Indian delegation has left for Dubai after talks were stalled with the Shiv Sena activists barging into BCCI headquarters in Mumbai.

         After US, India missions to Mars, China aims for deep space    
BEIJING: Under criticism that its well developed space programme focussed more on the Moon while the US and India stole a march over China by branching out into outer space with voyages to Mars, Chinese space experts are now planning missions deeper into the solar systems.

         Sudhakar attempts another record by designing 26-ft tall car    
HYDERABAD: Known for designing cars in the shapes of computer, skating shoe, football, brinjal, car designer K Sudhakar of Sudha Cars Museum here has now come out with a car measuring 26-feet tall.

         Deleting genes could extend lifespan: study    
WASHINGTON: Researchers have identified 238 genes linked to ageing and found that switching them off extends life in yeast cells, an advance that provides new genomic targets which could be used to boost human lifespan.

         Why cancer is rare in elephants decoded    
WASHINGTON: Elephants have extra copies of a gene that encodes a tumour suppressor and also have a more robust mechanism for killing damaged cells that are at risk for becoming cancerous, scientists have found, solving a decades old mystery of why elephants rarely get cancer.

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