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May 04, Monday 2015 3:30 PM       
       HEADLINES: TP murder case: No lapses on part of home department, says Chennithala                                              Leak noticed in Sabarigiri: Power supply to be regulated                                              Cops injured in scuffle                                              Bar scam: Court directs bar owners to inform decision on lie detector test                                              Relation with JD (U) stronger, says Sudheeran                                              Punjab bus passenger molested; driver, conductor held                                              Two gunmen killed outside Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas                                              Two NRIs offer to build 1,200 houses in Nepal                                              Mayweather beats Pacquiao to unify welterweight titles                                              Rohit Sharma gets engaged to friend Ritika Sajdeh                                              Kaumudi Facebook
         New enzyme may turn all donated blood to universal type    
TORONTO: Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have created an enzyme that could transform all donated blood into a universal type that can be given to any patient.

         Unmanned Russian spacecraft 'plunging to Earth'    
MOSCOW: An unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft ferrying supplies to the International Space Station is plunging back to Earth and apparently out of control, an official said today.

         Moon formed 4.47 billion years ago: Study    
WASHINGTON: Moon may have been created about 4.47 billion years ago, according to a new study of meteorites that provides clues to the giant collision which formed Earth and the lunar body.

         NASA spacecraft to crash into Mercury in two weeks    
WASHINGTON: After more than four years of orbiting Mercury, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft will crash into the solar system’s innermost planet in two weeks when it runs out of propellant.

         Rs.60 test detects early-stage prostate cancer    
WASHINGTON: A test that costs less than $1 (Rs.60) and yields results in minutes is more sensitive and exact than the current standard test for early-stage prostate cancer, US-based researchers say.

         Facebook integrates WhatsApp into 'Facebook for Android'    
NEW YORK: After one year of acquiring mobile messaging service WhatsApp, Facebook has begun testing a new feature in its 'Facebook for Android' app that includes the first major integration of WhatsApp.

         Driverless car completes 5,500km ride across US    
NEW YORK: In a first, a driverless car has completed a nine-day road trip across the US, covering nearly 5,500 kilometres in its journey through 15 states.

         Free mobile apps may take a toll on your smartphone    
WASHINGTON: Free mobile apps with ads drain your smartphone's battery faster, cause it to run slower, and use more network data, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

         Facebook launches new mobile app analytics tool    
NEW YORK: Facebook has launched a new analytics tool designed to let mobile developers track user-behaviour in their apps. The tool is available for free.

         Aus researchers discover new treatment for prostrate cancer    
MELBOURNE: Australian researchers have made a breakthrough by discovering a new treatment for prostrate cancer which can starve cancer cells.

         Curiosity rover detects life-supporting nitrogen on Mars    
WASHINGTON: NASA's rover Curiosity has detected the first traces of nitrogen on the surface of Mars, a discovery that adds to the evidence that the red planet could have once supported life.

         NASA probe to study magnetic mystery reaches Earth's orbit    
WASHINGTON: NASA's first space mission dedicated to the study of a phenomenon called magnetic re-connection that drives space weather is positioned in the Earth's orbit following a successful launch on March 12.

         Google to rank websites based on facts not links    
LONDON: Google plans to rank websites on its search engine based on factual accuracy, a move that will prevent sites full of misinformation from appearing first in search results.

         Facebook takes blame for service outages, which hit wider Web    
FRANKFURT: Facebook, the world's largest social network, and its Instagram photo-sharing site, suffered temporary outages around the world for up to an hour on Tuesday and the company said later that an internal software networking error was to blame.

         Facebook suffers outage affecting users worldwide    
SEOUL: Facebook suffered a widespread outage lasting roughly 40 minutes today affecting users in the United States, Asia, the UK and Australia.

         Air pollution hits crops more than climate change    
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Atmospheric pollutants may impact India’s major crops like wheat and rice more than temperature rise, says a new study based on a ‘regression model’ that predicts future events with information on past or present events.

         Facebook Lite' launched for low-end Android phones    
NEW YORK: The social networking site has reportedly launched a simplified version called "Facebook Lite" for low-end Android devices used by customers in emerging markets.

         Scientists slow down speed of light    
LONDON: A team of Scottish scientists has for the first time managed to slow down the speed of light as it travels through air, unimpeded by interactions with any other material, according to a new study.

         Smartphone app helps Nepali farmers    
KATHMANDU: An Android smartphone application offers a convenient way for Nepali farmers to link up to the market and to experts at agriculture extension agencies on a single platform.

         Lenovo launches India's cheapest 4G smartphone for Rs 6,999    
NEW DELHI: Chinese tech giant Lenovo today unveiled the country's most affordable 4G LTE smartphone, priced at Rs 6,999 as it looks to cash in on the booming demand for high-speed data services.

         BlackBerry launches Classic in India for Rs 31,990    
NEW DELHI: Canadian firm BlackBerry today launched its latest smartphone Classic in the Indian market, priced at Rs 31,990, a move aimed at regaining its position in the enterprise space.

         SpaceX spacecraft sends crucial science supplies to ISS    
WASHINGTON: NASA's private sector partner Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) has sent its Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) with over two tonnes of supplies and science investigations.

         Microsoft ties up with Idea for paid apps, games    
NEW DELHI: Handset maker Microsoft Devices has partnered with Idea Cellular to help subscribers of the telecom services firm pay for apps as part of monthly bills.

         Greener nylon production could cut costs and pollution    
A greener and more-efficient way of making nylon set out in a recent paper could cut production costs, benefiting the developing nations that make and use the material.

         Samsung launches four new smartphones in India    
MUMBAI: Samsung India today announced the launch of four new mid-segment smartphones - Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7.

         Apple sued over storage sleight of hand    
SANFRANCISCO: Apple faces a lawsuit accusing it of promising more available storage space than it actually delivers in iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.

         New 'thinking' robotic sea turtle developed    
SINGAPORE: Indian-origin researchers have developed a next-generation 'thinking' robotic sea turtle capable of performing complicated tasks such as surveillance and energy harvesting.

         Twitter goes down for some Android users    
NEW YORK: If you are facing a problem logging into your Twitter account from an Android device, you are not alone. There have been several complaints from users of logging out of their Twitter accounts from Android apps and some third part accounts like TweetDeck.

         Novel way to spur hair growth discovered    
LONDON: A new way to trigger hair growth using human skin is offering fresh hope of a cure for baldness, scientists say. A group from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) found that cells from the immune system called macrophages - those in charge of devouring invading pathogens - are also responsible for activating skin stem cells and induce hair growth.

         New aircraft may fly anywhere in the world in 4 hours    
LONDON: A British aerospace firm is developing an aircraft that would take passengers anywhere in the world in just four hours while flying at five times the speed of sound.

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