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June 25, Saturday 2016 7:12 AM       
       HEADLINES: LDF government in right direction, says VS                                              Govt to create 25 lakh jobs                                              Nursing college ragging: SFI ready to speak up for victim                                              Stones ‘hurled at ABVP Secretariat march                                              Attack on plantation workers                                              Woman techie found murdered at railway station in Chennai                                              BJP upset over Swamy's tirades against Jaitley, top babus                                              David Cameron to step down by October                                              Brexit: Will wait for full results to comment on referendum, says Arun Jaitley                                              What happens next with the Brexit vote?                                              Through to Olympics, Vikas and Manoj settle for bronze                                              BCCI to host mini IPL overseas in September                                              Kaumudi Facebook
         NASA wants you to work on Mars!    
HOUSTON: US space agency NASA has just come out with a series of retro recruitment posters that advertise a series of potential positions it may one day need filled on Mars.

         First complex organic molecule discovered in space    
WASHINGTON: A complex organic molecule essential for biology has been discovered for the first time in interstellar space, a finding that may help understand how life originated in the universe.

         World's first vaccine developed against "tampon disease"    
LONDON: Scientists have developed what they say is the world's first safe and effective vaccine against Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) that often occurs in young women who use "super tampons" during their periods. TSS -- known as tampon disease -- is a severe circulatory and organ failure caused by bacterial toxins, usually triggered by bacteria from the Staphylococcus group.

         Scientists turn atmospheric CO2 into rock    
LONDON: In a breakthrough towards mitigating climate change, scientists have discovered a quick and permanent method to remove human-produced carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - by turning it into harmless rock. A new study has shown for the first time that the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) can be permanently and rapidly locked away from the atmosphere, by injecting it into volcanic bedrock.

         Celebrating 200 years of inventing Stethoscope    
Any doctor is always pictured with the Stethoscope around his neck or in the hand. This instrument has become the 'sine qua non' of doctors, thanks to the discovery of it by a French physician, Rene T H Laennec in 1816.

         New method to make glass 'smart' developed    
MELBOURNE: In a major step towards 'smart glass' applications such as 3D display screens or remote radiation sensors, scientists have developed a method for embedding light-emitting nanoparticles into glass without affecting their unique properties.

         Fish can recognise human faces: study    
LONDON: In a first, scientists have discovered that fish are able to distinguish between human faces with a high degree of accuracy - an impressive feat, given this task requires sophisticated visual recognition capabilities. "Being able to distinguish between a large number of human faces is a surprisingly difficult task, mainly due to the fact that all human faces share the same basic features," said Cait Newport, a research fellow at University of Oxford in the UK.

         NASA spots giant coronal hole on Sun    
WASHINGTON: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has spotted a giant dark area on the upper half of the Sun known as a coronal hole. Coronal holes are areas on the Sun where the solar magnetic field extends up and out into interplanetary space, sending solar material speeding out in a high-speed stream of solar wind.

         Malaria breathalyser tests in Bangladesh    
Bangladesh figures in a list of countries due for field trials of a new breathalyser test that can detect malaria at an early stage. Other high-incidence countries where trials are to be conducted are Malawi, Sudan and Malaysia (Sabah province).

         Jakarta clips ‘Great Garuda’ wings    
JAKARTA: A massive reclamation project planned in Indonesia is getting flak from scientists and environmentalists because of potentially serious ecological damage it can cause.

         New smartphone app can detect earthquakes    
LOS ANGELES: Scientists have developed an app that crowdsources ground-shaking information from smartphones to detect earthquakes and eventually warns users of impending jolts from nearby quakes.

         Apple to open iOS app design, development centre in Bengaluru    
NEW DELHI: US tech giant Apple Inc today announced setting up a software laboratory in Bengaluru to support startups and developers working on the company's iOS platform as its Chief Executive Tim Cook began his maiden visit to India.

         World's first holographic flexible smartphone developed    
TORONTO: Scientists claim to have developed the world's first holographic flexible smartphone that lets users interact with 3D videos and images without any headgear or glasses.

         Rare celestial event today: Mercury to be seen as dot on solar disc    
NEW DELHI: In a rare astronomical phenomenon that occurs only 13 times in a century, planet Mercury will be seen as dot on the solar disc from several parts of India today.

         Human embryos grown in lab for 14 days    
WASHINGTON: Scientists have for the first time grown human embryos in the lab for nearly two weeks, a breakthrough that may answer basic questions about human development and help understand early pregnancy loss.

         NASA-inspired 'miracle suits' helping save new moms globally    
WASHINGTON: Inspired by NASA research on inflated anti-gravity suit, 'miracle suits' are helping save new mothers around the world by preventing blood loss during or after childbirth, according to the US space agency.

         Reduce sitting time to live longer: study    
HOUSTON: Reducing daily sitting time by one to two hours could have a significant and positive impact on future cardiovascular health, scientists, including one of Indian-origin suggest.

         Slow networks in India preventing Apple from full bloom: Cook    
NEW YORK: India presents a "really great opportunity" for Apple but slow networks and the informal retail structure there is preventing the tech giant from realising its full potential, its CEO Tim Cook said as the company's revenues plunged for the first time in 13 years.

         Higher CO2 levels greening Earth: study    
WASHINGTON: A quarter to half of Earth's vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), a new study has found.

         New app magnifies smartphone screen for visually impaired    
WASHINGTON: An application that can magnify a smartphone screen to potentially benefit low-vision users has been developed by researchers, including an Indian-origin.

         How the World Health Organization's cancer agency confuses consumers    
Thanks to scientists working under the auspices of the World Health Organization, you can be fairly sure your toothbrush won't give you cancer. Over four decades, a WHO research agency has assessed 989 substances and activities, ranging from arsenic to hairdressing, and found only one was "probably not" likely to cause cancer in humans. It was an ingredient in nylon used in stretchy yoga pants and toothbrush bristles.

         EU hits Google with anti-trust charges over Android    
BRUSSELS: The EU slapped Google with anti-trust charges today over its widely-used Android mobile phone operating system, in a fresh salvo by Brussels against the Silicon Valley giant. Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google had used practices such as making manufacturers pre-install its search engine as the default in order to preserve its market dominance.

         New bubble technology can shoot drugs deep into tumours    
SINGAPORE: Scientists have invented a new way to deliver cancer drugs deep into tumour cells using gas bubbles, a finding which may solve some of the most pressing problems faced in chemotherapy.

         'Night shifts may affect women more than men'    
LONDON: Ladies, take note! Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found that women may be more affected by night-shift work than men. The study found that shifted sleep-wake cycles affect men and women's brain function differently.

         Derailed train of thought? Blame brain's stopping system    
LOS ANGELES: Did you forget what you were about to say when the phone rang? Your brain's stopping system may be to blame! The same brain system that is involved in interrupting, or stopping, movement in our bodies also interrupts cognition which derails your train of thought, a new study has found.

         NASA's Saturn probe detects interstellar dust    
WASHINGTON: NASA's Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn has for the first time detected and analysed dust coming from beyond our solar system. Cassini has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004, studying the giant planet, its rings and its moons. The spacecraft has also sampled millions of ice-rich dust grains with its cosmic dust analyser instrument.

         Google, RailTel expand free WiFi reach, cover 9 more stations    
NEW DELHI: Google in collaboration with RailTel, the telecom arm of the Indian Railways, has rolled out free WiFi service at 9 more stations, taking the total to 10 where it will offer high-speed Internet to an estimated 1.5 million passengers and visitors. Free WiFi by Google-RailTel took off at Mumbai Central in January this year. The new stations include Pune, Bhubaneswar and Ranchi.

         New method may help detect gravitational waves    
MELBOURNE: Scientists have discovered new technology that may identify gravitational waves throughout 'the observable universe', instead of detecting them a billion light years away. The breakthrough could eventually see hundreds of gravity wave 'events' being recorded every day, according to Professor David Blair from at The University of Western Australia (UWA).

         Facebook brings 'chat bots' to Messenger    
SANFRANCISCO: Facebook today extended its reach beyond online socializing by building artificial-intelligence powered "bots" into its Messenger application to allow businesses to have software engage in lifelike text exchanges. The move announced at the leading online social network's annual developers conference in San Francisco came as the number of monthly users of Messenger topped 900 million and the Silicon Valley company works to stay in tune with mobile Internet lifestyles.

         16-yr-old Indian-American student invents low-cost hearing aid    
HOUSTON: A 16-year-old Indian-American boy has created a low-cost hearing aid costing USD 60 to help those who cannot afford expensive devices. Mukund Venkatakrishnan of Kentucky's Louisville city worked on the device for two years and presented it at the Jefferson County Public Schools Idea Fest and recently won first place the Kentucky State Science and Engineering Fair. The device, which can be used with even the cheapest set of headphones, is built to first test hearing by playing sev

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